28 July 2011

Listening for the Spirit

This will be a short testimony of sorts.

People talk about hearing a voice. This is a common theme. They heard someone say "do this" or "you should call" or any combination of what are normal thoughts, but don't quite feel like your own.

Today, that didn't happen for me.

I had a friend mention to me that she had felt something off happen. We got back to work and she headed away from her desk. I didn't see her go. When I turned to comment on my sandwich, she wasn't at her desk. My first thought was "oh, she did decide to go eat on the balcony." But then I remembered her comment from earlier. I looked again. Her sandwich was still on her desk. I put two and two together and got four. I went to the bathroom and found her there.

After helping her out and collecting her work items, she thanked me for coming. She'd been pleading with the Lord to send someone to help her. And I came. I didn't feel particularly inspired to go. Just thought I should see if she was okay when I went to use the restroom myself.

But truth be told, if I hadn't need to use the restroom myself, I would have waited several minutes more before going to find her.

Sometimes the Spirit doesn't sound like an actual voice. He can bring understanding to your mind when you most need it. And that's what He did for me today. He helped me understand enough that I acted when I didn't know why. Wasn't even thinking that my friend was in distress or that something was amiss.

Be open to understanding.