18 June 2008

Who are these people, and why do they trust me with money?

My bank approved me for a student Visa card. Have they met me? I feel so adult-like now. My very own non-store specific credit card. And? My limit is much higher than I had dared think of getting...they have WAY to much faith in me! Europe, here I come...

Just kidding. This card is EMERGENCY only. There have been a few times this last year that I didn't know where money was going to come from to cover some basic needs. (Apparently, "they" are right...it does NOT grow on trees...bugger.) A credit card would have been nice, because it would have gotten me through the hard times, and then I could have paid it off. And I would have too. I hate having balances on my cards. (I have 2 gas cards, and 2 store cards...always paid off when the bill comes...except in dire straits sorts of circumstances. But then they're paid off as QUICKLY as I can manage.) I just would rather not have one more bill to pay, which is why I am going to be completely responsible with this card. No frivolous here...just a means to an ends. Namely, keeping my sanity.