26 June 2009

Now, We Know What Righteousness Smells Like...

...cheap lotion from a dollar store.

So, my amazing sister-in-law bought me the BEST. LOTION. EVER.


That's right. Jesus lotion. It's pretty much the best thing ever. I love it. I'm so not going to wear it, so that I can embarrass people with it later. :D

Below, are some close ups of the amazing lotion.

Shouldn't it smell like wood?
I mean, he was a carpenter.

It softens and dazzles so you can
look your Sunday best.
Oh, and it Christens your skin for a heavenly glow.

I think she's rubbing her boobs on him!

Get tight with him? Hmmmmm...

Um....that's what she said!

Best. Sister-in-Law. Ever.

15 June 2009

Because it's the 65 post, and I can

Well, as you all know, my blog address has the phrase get the duck in it. Pretty interesting name. I have explained where the name came from. And now you know why getting the duck is so important.

Without ducks, life would be meaningless. It would be sadder, not nearly as full and exciting.

So always, always, always get the duck.