26 February 2010

22 February 2010

FNAM - Update

Some of you know what FNAM is, some of you don't. To put it simply: it was a plan created by two ex-roommates to get me married. They had no hope for themselves, so I became the project. What did they do to help FNAM? Not much that I can tell. They just ask me how "FNAM" is going on occasion. I tell them "I'm still not dating, does that answer the question?" Usually, they laugh.

You see, none of us is particularly good at the dating boys thing. (Or the dating girls thing for that matter....) We don't play the game that most girls play, where you pretend to be more demure and sweet and innocent and unopinionated and simple and homemakingish and etc..... (I clearly don't have an opinion about these girls....) We say what we mean and we mean what we say.

Last night, I was talking to a friend (guy--he's married) about it. I've been toying with the idea of taking the reins and asking a boy out. (This is not me. Though I don't subscribe to normal gender roles, I still think the men should do the asking. Weird, I know...but I think it's what a gentleman should do.) I asked him how I could go about this. His advice? Show genuine interest in the guy and try to show that I'm not intimidating. He believes that guys may be scared of me, and if I show that the guy has no reason to be scared of me, he'd ask me out. To do this he suggested, I isolate the boy and me from the group (if we're in a group setting.) and tell him I noticed that he does x, y, z and I'm curious about the motivations behind x, y, z. Then be un-intimidating and I might get asked out instead of having to do the asking.

I'm still for doing the asking. But I think this advice is valid. He didn't tell me to turn into a simpleton or to dumb-myself-down for the guy. He just suggested I show the boy (whomever he may be) that I'm interested and not really all that intimidating. Because I'm not. I'm not as mean as I appear or as out spoken as I appear. Some of it is a protective measure, and some of it is learned for other reasons.

Long story short. I may be trying this theory out soon. :)

19 February 2010

Four Years Ago (Yesterday)

Dear Grandma-

Just thought I'd fill you in on what's been happening over the last four years. Mostly life has plodded along as if nothing changed, but everything changes. There's an old saying "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Am I right??

I've started graduate school. I'm almost completed. I need to write my thesis, but there is so much more I want to do than sit at a desk and write it. However, I need to get it done so that I can move on to the rest of my life.

I have a job now. It's actually a good job. The best part is that it uses my degree. I don't think life could have worked itself out any better for me.

Of course, I'm still single. But then you probably knew that I would be. You were always so much more aware of us than we gave you credit. (PS, be nice to my kids...don't teach them too many of my old tricks, they don't need the help!! I've met Wesley and Maxwell...they have your handiwork written all over them.) I'm happy with my life, I don't regret the path I've chosen. I wouldn't trade my time away at school and this job for any of the "typical Mormon girl" life choices.I am a published researcher, you know. I was able to present in Hawaii at a conference there. Twist my arm. :)

I never would have done half of this without your influence in my life. Between you and the other Grandma, I couldn't have asked for better examples. You two taught me what it meant to be a woman. You are both feminist and probably didn't realize it. But you knew what you wanted from life, and you got it. All of it.

Sometimes when I'm driving up Emerald (or Five Mile, or any of the streets near your home) I forget and put my blinker on like I'm going to see you. I'll even move into the turn lane before I remember I can't stop by and see you.

They say time heals all wounds, but time will never heal the loss I feel. Most days are great, I hardly miss you. But then something happens, and I'm reminded of you and the pain is as intense as it was four years ago. I think what really happens is that time puts a scab on the wound. So that it doesn't hurt constantly. Until you catch that scab on something and it rips up a bit, the pain comes back and is intense for a short time.

I miss you.



18 February 2010

A Day Late

For Lent, I'm fasting from the following:

  1. TV
    • I'm hoping that giving up TV will force me to be more productive with my free evenings.
  2. Fast Food
    • I am always trying to be healthier, of course.
  3. Soda
    • I have been having massive heartburn issues lately, I'm hoping that cutting soda will eliminate the problem.
Well, there you have it. I Lenten Fast to be proud of.

A Rant

Dear BYU:

Look, I know I didn't enroll in classes, so it was technically okay for you to tell UHEAA that. But I'm a grad student. I'd taken 8 credit hours last semester and did not need to take classes this term since I only have the thesis left.

See, I probably wouldn't be upset about this if you also hadn't put my account on hold because you don't believe me when I say I have external health insurance. *sigh* So thanks for making me have a complete meltdown over how to pay you $200+ that would then just be REFUNDED to me because you won't take Visa. Why won't you take Visa? Because when I called to ask why you were charging a usage fee which is against your contract with Visa, your representative at the Health Center said, "yeah, that's why we don't accept Visa for Health Plans and Tuition." Direct quote. I swear. They don't use Visa because they can't charge us extra with Visa. That's ridiculous.

I hope it's all taken care of. I really hate you guys. I'm glad I won't have to be in school much longer.


P.S. BYU boys: if you see a girl struggling to carry 50 pounds of books (no exaggeration) offer to help. Trust me, no amount of girl-power-I-don't-need-a-man attitude will prevent her from accepting. Who knows, it could be the start of something beautiful.

16 February 2010

Happy 100th Post Bitches!

Don't like me swearing, too bad! It's the 100th post!! :D I finally made it! And so, without further ado:

Sex with Ducks

Nothing better than pro-gay marriage music and ducks.

Happy 100th Post!

05 February 2010

Public Service Announcement!

Also: Next Post will be post 100!! Look for it!

Random Musings on a Friday Morning

"The birds are coming back. Spring is getting closer."

"I don't know why she's looking at me. I drive a nondescript car."

"Sometimes, the only reason to call my sister is so I don't start talking to myself."

"Tazo Chai Tea Soy Latte? Yes, please!"

"I hate writing goals. Some of these things are hobbies, but if I don't keep writing things, they'll think I'm not taking this seriously."

"This job has no bearing (that I can yet see) on my future goals. How do I say that without upsetting them?"

"I have a bruise on my arm."

"Now I know what "ballast" means and why they put papers in lights that say "bad ballast."

02 February 2010

Losing Weight In Winter: Achievable?

I'm not sure. Think about it for a second. In the summer months salads are all the rage. Fish too. Fruit abounds and veggies are growing! It's like the cornucopia of good for you food. But what about winter?

Bears put on weight and then sleep through winter, but they need that extra weight for the sleeping, and the cold. Most animals, it should be noted, also bulk up for the winter cool down. My parent's cat certainly does.

My roommate and I are trying to be good about what we eat, this includes eating more salads than other things. But when you get home from work and the 30 degree weather, the last thing you want is a cold bowl of lettuce in your stomach. What you really want are the stick to your bone type dishes that fatten you up. Why? Because we're animals, people! We want to bulk up for the winter when it's too cold outside for skinny--er--sane people. Our natural instinct is to go for the chili and stews and leave the light-weight food for the animals (where some would argue it belongs).

So imagine my dismay when Punxsutawney Phil decided we had 6 more weeks of this hell to go through. Thankfully, my dear friend Newt sent me a link to the wiki page for Groundhog's Day. A quick tally of the 14 groundhogs represented found that the majority are predicting early spring! Take that Phil! (9 to be exact. Which is right at the 2/3 majority line.) So I'm planning on that early spring now.

Bring it on.