09 September 2010

Paradigm Shift

I have a Master's degree. My bound theses copies came yesterday. (Way to go BYU on getting my accent in my name!! w00t!) All I need is that peice of paper now and it's 100% legit.

Unfortunately, this makes me unemployable.

Unfortunately, I'm working as a receptionist. (With great people!! I love the people here.)

Fortunately, I now understand why I'm working here in this job.

I was questioning God. I knew He helped me get this job. I was promised a job that would cover my needs. This job does that. What I didn't understand is why I got a job that did not use my degree, or a job that didn't directly use my degree...but still used it.

I was pondering this as I was reading Church things the other day and I finally understood. This is my vacation. God knew I really couldn't take time off after my graduation to destress and declutter my brain. (My poor brain/body...you have no idea what it's been through...shingles, carpal tunnel, anxieties...to name a few.) My body needed a rest too. I couldn't keep going. I literally couldn't go into a job that was high stress. I would have burned out, quickly.

I'm grateful that God knows what I need even when it's not what I want. I'm feeling much more rested and happy lately. I've been applying for jobs still so maybe I'll get one in the near future.

Wish me luck!

08 September 2010

I So Need to Marry an Ethnic Boy

White boys don't dance like this. Love these kids!