06 October 2011

Conversations with a Four Year Old

I called my sister today, on the way home from work, as I always do. She put me on speaker so that she could change Nolan's diaper. Maxwell took the opportunity to say hi to me, and to tell me he loves me. Then Wesley took over the call:

W: Hi No-No!

M: Hi Wesley! I love you!

W: I love you, too, No-No! What you doing?

M: Driving.

W: Where you going?

M: I just got done with work; I'm driving to my house now.

W: You should come here and we can make pancakes together.

M: I wish I could! But I can't.

W: Why not?

M: I live in Utah; you live in Idaho.

...conversation continues a bit on various topics I don't know what he was talking about...but Wesley said they were going to Wal-Mart to get taco supplies...

W: You should come make tacos with us!

M: Wesley, it would take me 5 hours to get there! You'd be in bed by the time I got there!

W: Oh...hang on a second...we need to figure out how to get you here faster!

HAHAHAHAHA. That kid cracks me up.

04 October 2011

Air Show...

I don't have many photos from the day, my camera battery died...and I was without charger. But here they are:

I learned I could add captions. Fun!

That's one big plane!

 "Look, Boss! De plane!!"

 Oh man, I look scary here. 
Good thing Squish makes up for it.

 "So Daddy, what does that do again?"

 Charles and the Squish next to a plane.

"You can't make me leave!"
"Wanna bet?"
Then my camera died. 

On a side note: I can figure out how to edit one photo per blog. Then it just starts saving over the other edit. Hence, only one with a fun quote on it. <sigh> I will beat you picnik!

03 October 2011

My 25th Birthday - at Nicole's place

Thanks to my great friend Nicole, I had a birthday party to celebrate my quarter century on earth (plus shipping and handling).

 The spread, and cake.

 Andee and Becky being themselves...

 Being Asian...

 Being Indian...or South-east Asian...
 Joseph handled the "man-work"
 Miss Nicole and Miss Megan

 The cake had the requisite 25 candles
 All lit up and no where to go.

 I only managed to blow out like 8 of the candles;
that fact may have made my night.
 Joseph "fixed" the name for me.

 Each time I removed a candle,
Andee added a candy corn.

 Why dirty plates?

Joseph tried to split a candle in two
and learned that this was rather dangerous...
to say the least.

I really have great friends who make my life enjoyable...It was a great birthday, thanks y'all!!