18 March 2013

Conversations with Wesley

Maxwell wanted to say hi to me today. He's easy to talk to. It consists of "hi;" "how are you;" "i love you;""i miss you;" and "are you being good?" All of which are either parroted back to me, or I get a one word response. :)

It's freaking adorable and melts my heart every time.

But then there is Wesley. Who when you ask him what he's learning at school responds with "We're learning about things."

Yep. In school, Wesley learns about things.


11 March 2013

Love This.

From Chieko Oakazaki's Disciples (1998), an Exponent blogger found this passage on pages 78-79. Doesn't she sound like a prophetess?

"Here are some other demographic shifts: The number of never-married women in the Church is rising. So is the number of women who are the heads of household with dependent children. More women of color are joining our church, a church that is still predominantly white in its values, if not in its actual population. The middle-class ethics of hard work and upward mobility are not universally shared around the world or even in America. It seems inevitable to me that we will have an increasing number of women, both converts and lifelong members, who are dealing with drug-related problems, with depression, with both the reality and aftermath of abuse, with poverty, and with crime ... Another shift going on in America is a gradual change toward a more equal partnership between men and women in business, government, education, family life, and many other aspects of life. Many of our daughters and granddaughters will have very different opportunities to develop and use their talents than we have had, and they will encounter different expectations from women of our generation about the place they will occupy in the world. We need to make room in the Church for all of their energy, intelligence, and ability, or we may lose many of them. All the sisters in the Church need to understand that they share equally in the blessings of the gospel, including the spiritual strength that comes from a personal testimony of the Savior."

Contributed from LDS WAVE Facebook page.