22 October 2008

Typical College Student?

Today, I am the canonical college student. T-shirt, jeans, flip-flops and hooded sweatshirt. Oh yeah. Combine that with my large, dark sunglasses and my iPod, and I'm totally a college student wannabe...oh wait, I AM a college student. But most days, I don't dress like one.

See, Noel had an office job once upon a time. And started to get used to the idea of having heels on every day, and nice clothes everyday (read: nice shirt, shoes, and jeans (I worked on the shop floors sometimes (and by shop floors, I mean shipping))). So I like to look nice. Yesterday, I wore my kickin' pink heels, black slacks, and a nice cream and black shirt. I looked professional, I looked young, I look GOOD! (Let's go look, SO GOOD!)

So this is out of character for me. But I no longer work any office job, so why not take advantage of that? It just feels weird. I have a Notre Dame shirt on. Little boy's T-shirt even. I'm a slacker. Or at least a poser of a slacker. I'm not really. But I look it.

Just a random thought for today.

20 October 2008

What Defines the Millenials?

Seriously? (I say that way too much!) I was looking around me as I walked to campus today, and noticed a girl (probably a few years younger than my 26 years) wearing a Pink Floyd shirt. She's too young to know who they are and what they meant to the generation of kids that listened to them. Hell, I'm too young to truly appreciate what they meant to their generation. I then thought about style in general and realized, yet again, that we are moochers. We have no style that defines us. As I was thinking this, I noted two girls wearing the same vest, embarrassing...lol. The vest was early to mid-90s. And now it's back 15 years later. (Give or take). Seriously?

Not being one to follow the fads, my clothes are things that look good on me, and will still be fashionable 10 years from now. (Provided that I don't gain weight, this allows me to just keep growing my wardrobe and not having to throw things out in a few months/years.) I don't want to go into a long discussion about fashion, so I'll leave it alone for now.

My point is larger than fashion: what defines the Millenials? (Barack Obama has taken to using that term to describe the 20-somethings and I've heard other using it too...not sure if he really started it or not.) We came of age during the millennium and that defines us. But what makes us truly unique? Computers? Video games? Cell phones? iPods? The whole iMovement? We've made no stand against the war in Iraq, as some generations have done with their own wars. We've done nothing truly significant as far as I can tell. 100 years from now, what will our great-great-grandchildren learn about our generation? What will stand out to them as our defining moment? I sure hope, it wasn't just that we happened to live through the "catastrophic" Y2K. That? Would be pathetic.

Facebook could be our defining characteristic. But not even that seems important. It's simply part of the larger information age. We are more connected than ever, we could do so much good. Yet, we spend our time finding that amazing piece of Flair that defines our friendship with someone. Or throwing a sheep at them.

Truly, we are the generation of no clear goals. Sorry, I'm not meaning to be pessimisstic, some of us are trying to redefine ourselves and make things better. It just seems we're not reaching our collective potential.

And now for something truly special

I have another blog now, that is coauthored with a friend of mine. You should check it out.

The Stupid Things Boys Say

And now, the stress of "will the boys I write about on here, find it and know it's them?"

03 October 2008