22 November 2008

The Geek Won!

I have a friend and he was competing in Mr. BYU. He had asked me to video tape it for him, so I went. Turns out, he found someone else to do the videoing. So I sat back and "enjoyed." They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here you are!

All the contestants...Agents 001-012

Agent 008 kicking it old school?

That's Brad, doing who knows what...

Agent 012 is out of order...but then so are most of them...

They've got skillz.

Brad's talent was spinning things...

The sign reads "MR BYU, put Brad here" With a place
for his face...very clever.

This guys talent was to put his head in a
bucket and play a Journey song
while audience sang it.
It was not good.

Napoleon Dynamite. So over done.

The pose off, or what happens when
you take away swimsuits.

Yes, it's Harry Potter.

More from the pose off...

Yes, that's a pimp.

This guy was pretty awesome. He not only won
the crown, he won the audience choice award. :)

It's Shake 'N Bake and I Helped

So I made my own banner. Pretty good for playing around late at night when I should be sleeping because medicine induced comatose like states never yield anything good.

But yeah, I was pretty happy about getting it all figured out under such circumstances. Expect more playing as the comatose state wears off...

21 November 2008

It Totally Looks Like I'm Smoking

I'm on a nebulizer to treat my sickness...and it totally looks like I'm smoking. :) Made me hate this whole thing a little less...