30 April 2010

I HATE Lady Gaga, but!

I love me some US Soldiers....

22 April 2010


Except not. I hope you weren't all excited that I was announcing something. I'm sorry, I'm not.

Sadly...for you!

For me, I get to talk about how amazing ducks are. (I'm not really sure if they're amazing...but the url made me do it...or makes...)

Unlike lobsters, ducks do not mate for life. These two ducks just happen to be together, eating right now...but not for long. See, once she's laid her eggs, he'll leave her. Until the next year, at which point she'll probably end up with a different male duck. And so the process goes.

There are some really horrifying things out there about ducks. But, it is the "wild" kingdom after all...and we can't expect these animals to act civilized all the time. Thankfully, they don't have the same cognitive skills we do...so we can be glad of that.

20 April 2010

Life is The Suck

Well, BYU has done it again...and it's not really anyone's fault. But...my life is still inconvenienced by them again.

I was planning on defending my thesis on July 2. However, time lines have changed today because I would have to have all changes made/approved by July 6. This is a newer deadline that just got handed down. No one saw it coming.

This means all my previous deadlines are now bumped up a week. Yep. Lucky me. Well, that gives me 5 weeks to write the thing. Think I can do it? I don't. I honestly don't.


In other news...I looked hot when Murdock saw me last night...though that doesn't mean a whole lot.

We'll see.

19 April 2010

Presenting TheNiece!

I can't get over how beautiful she is. She's perfect. I haven't even met her yet, but I love her already.

My lil-bro and his wife do good work, don't you think?

13 April 2010

I Laughed, I Cried, I Cheered

Love this.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for

So, I don't understand the love of random.org. I put in the numbers and kept getting "7" as the response. I did this 10 times. Just so you guys don't think there was any rigging involved, I have decided to be transparent.

I went through the comments and labeled y'all 1-6. I had promised Karen, that she would be on the list as well...since her story started all this. She was #7.

Guess who won?


That's right, Karen won this competition a total of 10 times. I don't think random.org's random number generator is completely random. Though the 11th time I did this #2 won. She's my sister and I decided that I was giving up at this point and Karen was clearly the winner.

Maybe the Universe is just trying to make up for that horrible date?

Well, Karen...email me and I'll get you your CDs.

08 April 2010

Retro Games Destroy the World...

...this is pretty awesome, if you ask me!

really, tights are not pants...

I found this while stumbling around the internet...LOVE IT!

07 April 2010

Like Getting Rick Rolled...only WORSE

Today I was Britney Speared. Yep, my good friend gromit said "No it is entirely by mistake. Oops! I did it again..." in response to my accusation that they were liking my forum posts on purpose. Now, I like having people "like" what I say. But I had pointed out earlier that I had given 61 likes and received 61 likes. I had matching numbers. She, of course, liked my comment...putting me out of balance. Then more people started. And so I accused them of "liking my comments on purpose" and that was gromit's response.

Then she quoted herself and posted a link. I should have known better. Suddenly, I was assaulted by Britney's music video.

I was Britney Speared.

This is the part of the story where I admit, that I know every word to that song. And actually enjoyed it. I am ashamed. I did not enjoy being Britney Speared today. It brought up my shame and it's like I'm 17 again and the shame is all too real.

On a happier note (and as an apology for everyone that will follow the link and watch Britney) remember when The President was Rick Rolled?

I do.

06 April 2010

Music and Life

Music is very important to me. To be sure, you don't develop a fan-crush without loving music. So it's not surprising, that I associate certain music with certain people/times in my life.

Murdock = jazz. I don't know why. But he does.

Roommate (Kalliope) = death metal/Green Day

Ex-BF (and that whole time) = "dirty hippie" music

Spring = Dear Prudence by The Beatles

Summer = Maroon 5

And so on. Music is important and each style reminds me of someone or some place. And each person can make me think of a song or artist that they seem to be represented by.

Also: anytime I wear the flowers my sister made for me...I get the lyrics to San Fransisco stuck in my head.

01 April 2010

My Last Will and Testament....

As I'm sharing some happy news with my sister, she says "If you die because of this, just make sure it is in the will that Greg gets your car...and I get your shoes."

She's a gem, that one. So to ensure, that should I die, my wishes are met...here is my "Last Will and Testament" as dictated between my sister and me.

Me: Thanks. And my clothes go to? My books? Movies? Music?

TheSister: Clothes for Jenn. Books to Kristie.

Me: Anything else I'm missing?

TS: Movies and music should be split up amongst us all.

Me: How? That might be hard. would Greg get the laptop too?

TS: Yes, please. Oh, and I get the desk.

Me: Um, no. Dad gets that back.

TS: With music and movies, make a list of people in order of picking and let everyone pick one each, as we go through the list. Until they're gone.

Me: Can't I divide by genre? Or something? Mom gets the musicals, Dad the action, something like that?

TS: Would work.

Me: But that might be considered an unfair division. (You'd for sure get all my 80s movies...or Kristie.) Yeah, let's just do the picking order list thing. Ladies first, by age...then boys, by age. Nephews/niece included.

TS: Good because you have some Disney that the boys would want. (Or she wants for the boys, but we'll let her believe that the boys want them...)

Me: Right, and I don't want you to feel you have to give up your choice to the kids. Plus, this means you and Greg will be top of all the lists since he's the oldest boy...and you're the oldest girl. Plus, oldest male grandchild.

TS: Hey, fair is fair.

Me: It just worked out that way. I'm going to blog about this, I hope you know. That'll totally make it legal.


TheRoommate gets my kitchen stuff, with the understanding that anything she doesn't need/want is given to my family to divide as they will.

Picking order:
Dad (I know he's not a girl, but he IS the ultimate oldest...that counts for something)
TheRoommate (she needs in a few rounds, I have movies/music/books she'd love)
Sis-in-Law #1
Jenn (see note above)
Sis-in-Law #2

There you go!

Disney's Ducks

And no, I don't mean The Mighty Ducks or the Anaheim Ducks. I'll talk about them later.

No, this is a way to tell you guys that I went to DISNEYLAND!! And I loved it. Every minute of it. I have the best aunt in the world. I just had SO. MUCH. FUN. with her. And spent WAY. TOO. MUCH. Oh well!!

Yes, the Happiest Place on Earth, comes complete with the Happiest Ducks on Earth. This particular duo, lives in the shadows of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

They seemed quite content with their lives, and I'm pretty sure that the tourists feed them well.

I can attest to this, because whilst eating at California Adventure...I may have fed the ducks some AMAZING sour dough...just saying...but that is another post for another time.

Disneyland has the happiest ducks on earth. And probably the richest...note all the pennies that they swim above. So happiest and richest ducks on earth are found at Disneyland.