15 October 2009

Things I'll Never Say

These are things I'll never say to you.

I like you. I've liked you since I met you. I've tried (successfully) several times to not like you and life's been good during those times. But like all good things, it must come to an end.

Stupid things make me think about you. I can't help it. You push other thoughts out of my head. It's annoying. I was listening to a song the other night. It usually reminds me of my friend. And it did, but then you snuck in. You snuck in and it made me wish I were brave enough to say something. I'm not brave.

Notice me. Pick me. Choose me.

This is an empty plea. You may or may not read this. You may or may not realize it's you. And I'll never tell you it's you. Those who know it's you will never tell you. If they did. I'd kill them. (Let it be known, death by lots of pain and suffering. Think Chaucer in A Knight's Tale "Pain, lots of pain!") I just don't have the guts. So I'll wait for that day that you realize...or the day that someone else comes along and you become an afterthought.

Until that day.