29 May 2007

Get The Duck...

So, I realize the picture is that of a Canada Goose. I know this. But some people don't. Shocking, I know. But it's true. People are dumb. That's all there is to it. Just plain dumb.

One day, I was having a picnic with my friend, Jon. We'd driven up to Lucky Peak on our lunch break. We had finished eating and were just enjoying the beautiful weather, when we were joined by a family. We watched them fall out of their Suburban and continued to watch them get the little girl ready to play in the water.

After putting on their little girl's water shoes, the girl started to head off towards the lake. The mom called after her "get the duck, honey, get the duck." Jon and I hadn't noticed any ducks around, so we followed the direction the girl was running until we saw a goose. Not a duck, a goose. Needless to say, we collapsed in a fit of laughter. It became an inside joke between us, and we have now spread the "get the duck" phenomenon onto our other friends.


Casual Chicka said...

Noel! Did you erase your blog about rabid republicans? hehe, i came on to read it and it was gone. lol

Anyways do another post soon:)


NAlton said...

No! It's back up! Sorry, was trying to edit the font!