23 January 2008

It's a Mormon World After All!

So this is a picture of my cousin and his new wife. Nothing out of the ordinary to it, right?


You see, this picture was on one of the computers at work. I did NOT put it there. So someone else had to have put it there. But which coworker? Megan said she didn't do it. So I asked Taren. Apparently, cousin's wife is a friend of a friend of Taren's. Taren thought the pics were cute, so she downloaded them off of facebook. (And by cute, I mean, she liked the concept of the pics.) Don't get me wrong, I love my cousin and they are a cute couple, but I wasn't anticipating seeing them on my work computer.

Imagine sitting down to a computer that multiple users are on and seeing a picture of one of your family members there....a bit shocking, no? (Of course, this is Utah...and she is from PG...so there is a possibility of Utah coworkers knowing her...especially one from AF.)

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the pictures. I think they're a bit too contrived. And poor wife seems a bit pained in some. I feel it is safe to assume that's because of the photographer and not wife's disposition. She's a really sweet girl, and I just think that the poses were not to her benefit some of the time. Which is why you should always find a GOOD photographer...one that'll work with you. :) But that's another post, for another time.


eleka nahmen said...

Gotta admit, I don't love it. I'm seconding the "contrived."

Th. said...


Yes. Picking the right photographer is very very important.

Confuzzled said...

Thirding the "contrived." And as far as photographers go, nepotism does NOT always benefit the happy couple.

My older sister's were taken by an uncle-in-law and turned out excellent. My younger sister's were taken by a cousin of her husband, and they were awful.

Thank heaven we had the family digital cameras--all of those candid photos turned out far better than those taken by the "professional"