05 May 2008

Why Hillary Sucks: or One Girl’s Continuing Battle to Undo What her Sister did

So my sister thought it would be funny to sign me up for Hillary's mailing list. This must be how my friend felt when I signed her up for the NRA mailing list. At least that was easier to get off of though…So I have now sent three emails to Miss Hillary with notes attached trying to get off the list. However, I still get emails. For each one they send me, I'm going to start sending them requests to be removed. The first note to Hillary was not saved, but it was something along the lines of:

I do NOT support Hillary. My sister signed me up for this to get even with me for ignoring her. I am a Barack Obama supporter and I do not want to continue to get her emails. Obama '08!

I have received two new emails from her. Second unsubscribe request accompanied this note:

Dear Person that reads these:
This is my second attempt to get off the mailing list. I do NOT like Hillary, I was put on this list by someone that was playing a joke. If I had any inclination towards her, it would have been squashed by her support of the gas tax holiday. This is the STUPIDEST idea I've heard of. It'll hurt more people than it will help.
Anyway, delete my email from the list. Thanks.

I am hoping that along with the third letter they'll get the message:

To the reader of this note:
Unsubscribe me! I keep getting emails and I'm upset by this. From now on, each email I get from you guys will be followed up with another unsubscribe request. As you guys like to send a "thank you for your comments" email, this could get ugly.

I had thought about including a note that said: Oh, and she may want to consider getting better speech writers. But that may be a bit harsh, you think? HMMMMM…drastic times call for drastic measures. I'll keep you posted. I might be sad if this is the last time I get to email them…

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Tildy said...

i think your sister is hilarious. why didn't i think of it first?!