22 October 2008

Typical College Student?

Today, I am the canonical college student. T-shirt, jeans, flip-flops and hooded sweatshirt. Oh yeah. Combine that with my large, dark sunglasses and my iPod, and I'm totally a college student wannabe...oh wait, I AM a college student. But most days, I don't dress like one.

See, Noel had an office job once upon a time. And started to get used to the idea of having heels on every day, and nice clothes everyday (read: nice shirt, shoes, and jeans (I worked on the shop floors sometimes (and by shop floors, I mean shipping))). So I like to look nice. Yesterday, I wore my kickin' pink heels, black slacks, and a nice cream and black shirt. I looked professional, I looked young, I look GOOD! (Let's go look, SO GOOD!)

So this is out of character for me. But I no longer work any office job, so why not take advantage of that? It just feels weird. I have a Notre Dame shirt on. Little boy's T-shirt even. I'm a slacker. Or at least a poser of a slacker. I'm not really. But I look it.

Just a random thought for today.


Redoubt said...

Yeah. My wardrobe can be rather binary. And then there are those days where the two looks mix in ways they should not. Those are the days when I didn't get enough sleep to make good clothing decisions.

NAlton said...

I hear you. lol. We've all been there.

Megs said...

Dear Noel,

That's how I look ever day :)

And I have an office job! Hhaa