12 November 2009

Because Ducks Rock....especially from Hawaii...

...and I'm trying to beat Megan for most posts in one day.

This post is actually 1 post late!! OOPS!! I forgot to check my post count (81 with this post) before posting the last one. So here it is, Ducks from Hawaii!

This first picture is not a duck. It's a swan. I am aware. It was NOT happy that I was taking its picture, and therefore gets special mention in this blog post. This particular swan resides in a pool at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It is terribly lonely, okay...it scared away any other creature that might cohabitate with it and is therefore all alone in its pool. Should a wayward person or animal get to close, it will attack. After this picture was taken, I backed off so that I could continue my walk. It tracked me until I was no longer within eyesight of its home. It was almost as if it was guarding a nest or something, but I couldn't see one.

This photo was taken towards the end of my trip. (I should just mention now that all these ducks live on the ground of the Hilton Hawaiian Village. That place deserves a blog of its own! AH-MAZING!!) They were just chillin' minding their own business, when I took a picture. Rude, I know. But they're so cute! I can't help it. They look like they're a couple. They make a cute one.

Each time I saw a duck, I thought "wouldn't it be funny if I took a picture and gave it to Jon? Since he is the only person that *truly* understands the "get the duck" lifestyle?" And so I took pictures. I believe the 2 ducks in this picture are the same from the previous.

I've never seen so many red-colored ducks in my life. They're everywhere. They almost look like sun-burned tourists! I did not burn, my mom did not burn. Why? We're freakin-Californian trained, that's why. Except, that we both used to burn. Hmmm, whatever.

I think this duck is contemplating returning to the cool, cool water. I would. Humidity sucks. But love those trade winds and water!

And finally, one of the first duck photos I took. He just looked so happy swimming around in his little pond. Okay, the pond is NOT little. He is though. Cute little duck.

And thus concludes our "Ducks from Hawaii" segment and our 80th (not really, but I'm pretending) post! Remember, a special duck-tastic treat for the 100th post! I hope to get there soon, I have a lot of things to post about. Pictures from Hawaii to put up, and various other things. Like pictures of my nephews....stoned. Not really, but now you're all thinking "hemp milk and stoned nephews....coincidence?" Sometimes my nephews make the STRANGEST faces when I go to snap photos.

Happy Thursday everyone!!

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Cynthia said...

they are always cute...stoned/weird/freaky faces or not...well at least most days