07 December 2009

Will Work 4 Books

Andee and I went to the mall tonight for dinner. Wingers. Not a happy thing. She found a hair in her food and she will probably never eat there again. Not a big loss, right?

So after we got done with dinner I did not want to go back outside into the freezing cold. So we started wandering. Walden Books is going out of business and I found a couple GREAT books for my cousin Joseph's Christmas present.

Then we were wandering around afterward and we happened upon a used bookstore. Eborn Books. I was chatting with the owner and jokingly asked if they needed someone part-time/weekends help. He said yeah, and that they'd pay me in books. I said, "DONE!!" Andee is in on it too. We'll be going back right after Christmas to take in resumes and hash out the details.


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