09 September 2010

Paradigm Shift

I have a Master's degree. My bound theses copies came yesterday. (Way to go BYU on getting my accent in my name!! w00t!) All I need is that peice of paper now and it's 100% legit.

Unfortunately, this makes me unemployable.

Unfortunately, I'm working as a receptionist. (With great people!! I love the people here.)

Fortunately, I now understand why I'm working here in this job.

I was questioning God. I knew He helped me get this job. I was promised a job that would cover my needs. This job does that. What I didn't understand is why I got a job that did not use my degree, or a job that didn't directly use my degree...but still used it.

I was pondering this as I was reading Church things the other day and I finally understood. This is my vacation. God knew I really couldn't take time off after my graduation to destress and declutter my brain. (My poor brain/body...you have no idea what it's been through...shingles, carpal tunnel, anxieties...to name a few.) My body needed a rest too. I couldn't keep going. I literally couldn't go into a job that was high stress. I would have burned out, quickly.

I'm grateful that God knows what I need even when it's not what I want. I'm feeling much more rested and happy lately. I've been applying for jobs still so maybe I'll get one in the near future.

Wish me luck!


Karen Ella said...

love your thoughts! jealous as all get out....

bradcarmack said...

Wow, what an insight! It gave me chills (really). I'm so grateful! God loves you. Tender mercy.