04 December 2007

To Talk Or Not To Talk....

...that is the question.

I've been told twice this week, that I *perhaps* talk to my sister too much. What is too much?! She's my best friend, one shouldn't live without their best friend. I can't help it if graduate school has forced us miles apart! That's why cell phones were invented, to keep people connected. I don't think my sister and I talk too much. She calls me on her way to work in the mornings, and on her way home in the evenings. That's only twice a day. Sure there are times that I'll see something in the store, or hear something on the radio, and I call her to tell her about it. She does the same. But when she's your best friend, who else are you going to call?!

The first instance of being told I talk to my sister "too much" came in the form of my cousin. My sister called me last night (Monday) to talk to me. It was a quick conversation, I don't remember the content, but I'm sure it was mostly important. (Our conversations tend to be mostly important...at least to us....) After I finished the conversation (it lasted maybe a minute...just a quick question and answer moment) he started telling my roommates about the content of my conversations with my sister. It went something like this:

"Yeah, Cynthia will call and be like "Oh my gosh!! I just saw a tree...just had to tell you, bye!!" And then, like not even five minutes later, she'll call again. This time it's "Oh! Did I tell you the leaves on the tree were yellow....must be the time of year. Ok! Bye!" And that's their phone conversation. I don't get it"

My roommates all laughed, of course. I swear, it's not that bad. So what that we have more mobile to mobile minutes used than most people would think humanly possible? (This is looking at only her mobile to mobile minutes used. I'm pretty much the ONLY Cingular user that she calls. I use more mobile to mobile because my roommates all have Cingular.) This is why we bought the phones in the first place.

Then today, I was looking at my friend's phone in class. My sister has decided to switch to Verizon, as all her in-laws use Verizon. Therefore, I HAVE to switch to Verizon. I'm very particular about my phones (They have to look good, you can't just have something stupid. I'm sorry, I'm a snob.) and her phone was rather cute, so I was suddenly optimistic that I could, indeed, find a decent phone from Verizon. (Most I've seen are rather large and clunky looking.) Well, my professor overheard our exchange, so I explained the situation, because he thought I'd been sucked in by the 'network guy' and I had to justify myself. (Obviously...) He too ascertained that my sister and I talk too much. No amount of persuading could change the opinion.

Honestly, we don't talk that much. She's just my best friend. I'm her best friend. There's nothing wrong with that. And as she put it today, "nobody gets us like we get each other. I can't call my husband and get the same response, he just doesn't get it."

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Cynthia said...

Hello...doesn't anyone get it? You talk to your best friend, who happens to be your sister (whom I hear is pretty great).