26 June 2009

Now, We Know What Righteousness Smells Like...

...cheap lotion from a dollar store.

So, my amazing sister-in-law bought me the BEST. LOTION. EVER.


That's right. Jesus lotion. It's pretty much the best thing ever. I love it. I'm so not going to wear it, so that I can embarrass people with it later. :D

Below, are some close ups of the amazing lotion.

Shouldn't it smell like wood?
I mean, he was a carpenter.

It softens and dazzles so you can
look your Sunday best.
Oh, and it Christens your skin for a heavenly glow.

I think she's rubbing her boobs on him!

Get tight with him? Hmmmmm...

Um....that's what she said!

Best. Sister-in-Law. Ever.


Amy said...

As . . . questionable . . . as this already is, I think making it "wood" scented would be, uh, even more awkward.

NAlton said...

Hehehehe. Exactly my thought...but too funny not to post!

Redoubt said...

So, I'm guessing that's not the Virgin Mary . . . ?

Nathan said...

Christen your skin? Lollzorz.

Historical nitpick: We say 'carpenter', but wood is in rather short supply over yonder, and was probably not used to build houses. (Botanically-derived wood, I mean. Doubtless the other kind is getting along just fine.)

The Greek word in the New Testament is teknon (acute accent on the e, long o). Teknon in the Septuagint is usually a translation of Hebrew charash, both of which mean 'artificer'. Charash is translated with about ten different terms in King James, including carpenter, mason, smith, worker, and "such as wrought." So he could have worked in wood, but equally possible in stone, metal, leather, what have you.

Newt said...

"Spread it on thick." Best line ever.