18 July 2009

At Least They Have Free WiFi

My mom and I are flying to Hawaii today....correction. She is flying. I'm sitting. Waiting to fly. Our flights were supposed to be about 30 minutes apart from each other. As I'm finding out that my flight is delayed indefinitely due to mechanical issues, her flight is taxing to the runway. Now, mind you...the airline I was originally flying knew we were delayed an hour earlier. But no one showed up at the help desk before we were supposed to be boarding. And no one said anything. And I missed my chance to get switched to my mom's flight.

I'm now on a Delta flight. That leaves 4 hours after my original flight. Thank goodness for my laptop, free internet and movies.

1 comment:

Jon W. said...

Thats too bad. :( BTW, you spelled taxiing wrong. ;) hehe, grammar police ftw. :P