25 January 2010

I Might Need to Seek Help.

Billie Joe Armstrong is by far the sexiest man alive. I know I've mentioned this before, but I felt it needed repeating. To quote a blog I found whilst searching for an appropriate picture of him to put up,
"Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day is the Sexiest Man Alive. With his floppy hair, eyeliner, small stature, and the best known punk growl and snarl in the business he is walking sex......and the fact that he's married to his lifelong love, has 2 children he takes on tours, and also finds time to be a political activist, supporting both the NRDC and Obama.....Billie lives up to the most commonly found slogans: Billie Joe is God and Billie Joe turns straight men gay."
Or turn a girl into a fan of skinny jeans on men. One or the other. I might point out here, that his wife is pretty smokin'. Not surprising really, just thought I'd put that out there.

What makes this obsession even more disturbing: today at Maverick I nearly swooned over a guy that looked like Billie Joe. He had 1" gauges in each ear, and that was not enough to deter me. Not that I asked for the guy's number, or left him mine. But I was schoolgirl-awkward for the entire interaction. Pa-thetic.

I suppose I should get used to it. I'm sure there will be plenty more awkward moments with men that remind me of Billie Joe.

Seriously? He's a rock god.

Told you she was smokin', I don't lie. Anyway. I'm done.

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Ashley and Jeremy said...

Noel, You are my idol...or something :)