28 January 2010

Wikipedia is Amazing.

I just happened to sign on to facebook while at work. My sister-in-law had posted that J.D. Salinger had passed on. To be honest: all I knew about him was that he'd written Catcher in the Rye. So I went to wikipedia for a little more information on a man I knew so little about.

His death had already been recorded.

My news feeds are not that fast. Crazy people. :)

What I didn't realize, was that he was still alive. So when I first read the announcement, I thought "Really? I thought he was already dead." Oh, uneducated me. You really can't fault me though, (I suppose you could...) most American authors that are forced upon you in high school are dead. And we didn't spend much time on their lives anyhow. Other things I learned about him: he was reclusive. This makes me love him all the more. I hate authors that live for the spotlight. I enjoy when they go into hiding because "they never thought anyone would read their drivel." Or something along those lines. Makes me comforted to know that there are still people that just write what they want to and have no expectations of fame. They just want to write what they want to write....audience be damned!

So, rest in peace, dear friend. Your book touched my life.

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bradcarmack said...

I agree, wikipedia is amazing.