17 November 2010

For The Love People...for the love

Helpful tip: perfume should be used sparingly. Seriously. Do not, under any circumstances, bathe in it. Trust me. This is for you. And mostly for me.

I'm highly allergic to perfume. ALL perfume. I'm just talking perfume. Not scented candles, not scented lotions or anything like that. But perfume. It's something about the chemical base of it that leaves me...well...gasping for air.

Brand doesn't matter. Price point doesn't matter. If you have perfume on, I will experience all of the following symptoms:
  • pounding headache. (seriously pounding.)
  • burning eyes.
  • sinus pressure...which leads into
  • sinus pain that radiates through my whole head...even my teeth will start to hurt. I'm not being hyperbolic.
  • inability to breathe.
  • desire to claw the skin off my face.
  • slight fever...seriously...
  • hacking cough.
  • sneezing.

Why am I posting about this? Well, I don't want the people of the world to have to stop using perfume. That would be cruel. Also...some of y'all smell. I'm just saying, less is more.

I went in to use the restroom at work today. And walked out experiencing all of those symptoms. Why? Some coworker of mine decided it would be a good idea to bathe in perfume in the bathroom at work. Did I mention that this room is completely enclosed. It's not even set up with one of those really high windows that could be cracked open to fumigate the room. Nope. Dead center of the building. No windows. It was so bad, I could taste the perfume. Of course, I couldn't breathe through my nose either...that had been destroyed by the fumes.

I just really hate perfume. Use it sparingly people. Like makeup, perfume should enhance your features...not hide them!

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Amy said...

Seriously though. I was in the bathroom at the mall and feeling just a touch queasy, and then this lady at the sink just starts spraying. It sounded okay at first. Chh chh. Chh. Then it got a little out of hand. Chh chh chh. ch ch. Chhhhhhhhhh. Chh Chhhhhh. Chh. And then it got way out of hand. I swear she sprayed from when I closed the stall door to when I had a coughing fit trying to get my pants back on. Friggin' sociopath.