03 October 2011

My 25th Birthday - at Nicole's place

Thanks to my great friend Nicole, I had a birthday party to celebrate my quarter century on earth (plus shipping and handling).

 The spread, and cake.

 Andee and Becky being themselves...

 Being Asian...

 Being Indian...or South-east Asian...
 Joseph handled the "man-work"
 Miss Nicole and Miss Megan

 The cake had the requisite 25 candles
 All lit up and no where to go.

 I only managed to blow out like 8 of the candles;
that fact may have made my night.
 Joseph "fixed" the name for me.

 Each time I removed a candle,
Andee added a candy corn.

 Why dirty plates?

Joseph tried to split a candle in two
and learned that this was rather dangerous...
to say the least.

I really have great friends who make my life enjoyable...It was a great birthday, thanks y'all!!

1 comment:

Karen Ella said...

Jigga WHAT?!?!? Happy b-day, friend. Sad I missed it.