23 January 2012

The One Where I Don't Hate God

A while ago, I made a comment to several people:
If x happens again, I'm going to be pissed at God.
Well, it appears that x may, in fact, happen. And I am not mad at God. At all. Of course, we all knew that He was the one place I would turn when x did happen, if x happened.

At the end of the day, He's the only one who will get it, and the only one who will understand. And as much as I want to be mad at Him, I'm not. I'm mad at myself and others, but not Him. Ha. Lucky Him.

Update: But God, don't think I don't notice all the similarities.You are on notice. Haha. Good thing this doesn't seem to be able to happen again. So, that "being on notice" thing means absolutely nothing, right?

(I know I'm being vague, it's on purpose.)


Megan said...

Props for being so vague.

Xan said...

I tried. ;-) Someday, I'll explain more. But not today.

Karen Ella said...

Uh....does X refer to what my mind has catastrophized it to be?