17 December 2012


I try to be healthy. I run. I eat (mostly) right. And I do my best to take care of myself.

My insurance company sent me a packet on asthma, and begged me to spend their* money and get vaccines. So I obliged.

In November, I was vaccinated against whatever flu strain has been predicted for this season and pneumonia.**

Friday, I was vaccinated for whooping cough, which comes with a side of tetanus booster. Awesome. I knew my arm would hurt, since tetanus is notorious for pain. So all weekend I ignore the pain in my arm, and I ignored the swelling. I thought my arm looked a bit red, it was a tad tender to the touch, and seemed hot. I wrote it all off as just side effects.



That's right. I have a mild skin infection thanks to my penchant for trying to take care of myself. It hurts, I'm on medication and I still have problems moving my arm.

Ultimately, I blame my mom. She wants me vaccinated because I'm an "at-risk group" so really my being sick is her fault. I hope she's happy. :-P

*Ultimately, my money. However, the $90/month I pay is more than made up with my monthly prescriptions...so their money.

**This shot hurts like a bitch, f.y.i. In fact, it hurts more than my tetanus shot even with the cellulitis. So...stay away, unless necessary.

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