04 February 2008

Fat Tuesday! (or What if I'm NOT Fat?!)

It's that time of year again! The time that we make resolutions and try to make ourselves better. No, silly! I'm not talking about New Year's! I'm talking about Lent. Yes, Lent. 40 wonderful days of self-deprivation in the name of religion.

I actually really love this holiday. I enjoy celebrating it. Last year, my Catholic cousin (she's also a nun) came to visit during Lent. She's amazing. She was absolutely thrilled that I would celebrate it on my own.

This year, I've been pondering my many options. I don't usually go traditional when I do these things. I like meat. I'd have to adjust my diet to make up for the lack of protein...and that's not easy. So meat is a no-go. I've been known to give up caffeine, and I've been contemplating this as an option. But then I think of my busy school/work schedule. Do I really want to give up caffeine? Would I be successful? In past years, it has been easy to do. I don't even miss it. So here are my Lent rules this year:

1. Diet sodas only. If they don't have a diet option then I go with a lemonade or water. (This extra to the rule is added on as a "if I eat out" rule.)
2. Caffeine drinks once a week. So with the above rule, I'd only be allowed diet/caffeine free at a restaurant...it's Utah...it could happen.
3. Abstain from Laziness!!

I worded the last rule that way, since Lent is about giving things up. So, tonight, I'm going to convince my cousin to go to Gold's and get a joint membership (it's 2 for 1) so that we can keep each other on the getting healthy thing!!

And that is my Lent.

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Confuzzled said...

I've always thought this an excellent idea, but I've never followed through with giving anything up for Lent. It's sad, but I have no willpower. Or perhaps the wrong type of willpower . . .