02 February 2008

Megan2, this is the last time!!

Okay, so I guess it goes something like this. There are some questions, you google your answer to the question and then post the picture that is the most amusing. I guess I'm also supposed to tag someone...so I tag my bestest Megan! (Sorry, I'm bored at work again.)

1. Age I'll be on my next birthday:
Aren't they beautiful? I feel like Lilo and her fat people pictures with this one!

2. Favorite Food:
Yes, I googled a food, and this is what I got. Simply brilliant.

3. Middle Name:
I think she's fabulous. Great representation of my middle name!

4. College Major:
Yeah, it's like super like annoying.

5. Favorite Color:
Hehe. There's no explanation for the coolness of this place!

6. Place I'd like to visit:
Seriously, this represents a place.

7. Place I live: (No, this is not for Provo...)
Gay cowboys!! WOOT! (I couldn't resist it. They were cute!)

And now, my boys!! Aren't they wonderful!? They wear orange...what more could I want?!

8. Name of Past Pet:
This one had to be treated with some respect. As my cat's name was an Indian religion. I think I did well.

9. A Favorite Place:
Who wouldn't love this place?!

10. Favorite Holiday:
What's not to love?! It's the best holiday of the year!!!

11. Bad Habit:
No, it's not get stoned! I swear. But he does look it...hehe...hence, the choosing...

12. Favorite Animal:
On DVD Feb. 5, 2008. And that's all I have to say about that.

Well, that was fun...and work is almost done so yay!


eleka nahmen said...

I love the gay cowboys!

NAlton said...

I put them on just for you!! :D