01 February 2008

Why do I do these things?

Megan tagged me! And normally, I wouldn't do things like this..but she's being insistent. Okay, 10 quirks about myself.

  1. I have a HUGE literary obsession. And NOT with fiction. I prefer to read memoirs and biographies. Occasionally, I can find a novel that doesn't bore me, but it's rare.
  2. I'm also obsessed with music. I have a lot of it, but still crave more. I'm also rather picky about my music. I'll listen to pretty much anything - as long as it lives up to my standards.
  3. I HATE feet. HATE, HATE, HATE them. I've only found a few situations in which they don't repulse me. And no, I will not share those situations. That information could be used against me.
  4. I have an obsession with brushing hair. Okay, with hair in general. I can look at a person and tell by their hair whether or not we'll be friends. I've also sat in classes completely distracted by girl's hair that isn't brushed. Biggest pet peeve: people that could have BEAUTIFUL hair, but don't use a brush enough...it's weird...but it's a quirk...so no mocking! I also love getting my hair done! Someday, I'll hire a personal stylist to come over every day to do my hair...
  5. I'm obsessed with politics!! I mean OBSESSED!! Obama, is my favorite...and I'll stop there, because I can go on forever!
  6. I have OCD issues. I've gotten pretty good about controlling them, but I think I'll spend my Friday night cleaning...unless someone finally asks me out...but I doubt he will.
  7. My nephew is the cutest boy ever, and I never need to have kids because I'm so in love with him, that I doubt I could ever love another kid half as much...which isn't fair to my offspring...so I'll refrain.
  8. I like clothes and make my own jewelry, and I love shoes. I know shoes might seem weird in contrast to my foot hatred, but if I can cover them with something cute, then they're a little less wretched.
  9. I love to take pictures. I take hundreds of them. And then I keep them on my computer to someday put into a digital or paper scrapbook.
  10. I have a language obsession. I'm going to learn Arabic this summer. :D
There they are! And I think I might tag Eleka...or Megan...I don't know. Maybe both??


eleka nahmen said...

Why did I never know about your politics obsession?! I could so feed it, you know.

PS, since we're on the topic - Romney is on Stephanopoulos right now and he looks BAD. Like he hasn't slept in a week - his eyes are puffy, his tie is crooked.. looks like he's not handling this McCain surge well. And as for Obama, I'm going to The Obama Rally tomorrow! I'll finally get to hear him speak in person!

NAlton said...

I'm so jealous!! Obama canceled here due to Hinckley's funeral. Which I really respect, but makes me sad!! I wanted to see him. I streamed his Boise one online though. He is AMAZING!!

And you HAVE to feed my obsession!! I'm doing 2 papers with political language this semester!!

Petra said...

Uh oh. I haven't brushed my hair in six years. Can we still be friends?

NAlton said...

Yes, but you keep your hair short. And it looks good unbrushed. I'm talking about hair that LOOKS unbrushed and not so nice. (P.S. I knew you didn't, and we are friends...so I think you're good.)

andee said...

How, in looking at MY hair, could you have possibly decided that we could be friends? You HATE my hair!

I pick my friends based on their hands... and I also abhor feet.

NAlton said...

With you andee, I look past the hair. Because, you do your hair some days. I'm really talking about noticeably unkempt hair.

(And on a side note: why do you think it took the ENTIRE semester to become friends? ;) j/k)