06 April 2009

Je le Touche!

Once upon a time, I had a roommate. We'll call her "The Redhead Hawaiian," long name for her long.....toes? Whatever. TRH, once told me about an experience she had walking through a local store. There was this French family and the kids kept trying to grab/touch things. And the mom kept instructing them "Ne le touchez pas!" or "Ne les touchez pas" and so forth...(based on the object child was trying to touch of course.) Well, TRH had to try desperately hard to not walk up to any of these items, touch it, and declare: "JE LE TOUCHE!" and walk away.

Ever since she told me this story, I have thought about it every time I hear a parent warn their child "Don't touch that!" I want to walk up to said item, and touch it, exclaiming loudly: "JE LE TOUCHE!!" I have never had the guts.

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