30 March 2009

Milk = Yummy White Mammal-Sourced Fluid

I'm sick (already) of non-mammal sourced milk products. I want my milk back, but I can't have it. That's right. I am officially lactose intolerant. That's right, I can't tolerate milk....okay, my body can't tolerate milk. I LOVE milk. I've been dreaming about milk since it was taken away from me. And the saddest part is that the milk I was drinking (in my dream) was WAY past expiration. It had chunks. I didn't care. It tasted really good in the dream. That is sad.

I'm on a two-week cleansing process right now. It includes drinking Maalox before each meal, and bed. This allows me to be able to protect my poor body while it tries to heal itself. (Note: my body is hating the Cheerios I ate this morning...) My poor, poor body. Once the two weeks is up, I can resume some milk ingesting activities...as long as I have a Lactaid before I eat it.

I love my life.


Redoubt said...

Almond milk is good. But also expensive. I'll throw in a rec for horchata, though.

Sara said...

So sad for you! Milk is so good.