08 September 2009

Don't Mock the Ducks

So, I've made a decision. Every 10th post will be about the awesomeness of ducks, and why we should get them. Or in this case, a warning.

Ducks don't like to be mocked. They are very sensitive creatures, who will kick your trash if you mock them. They are sick of being mistaken for less intelligent (or cool, for that matter) foul. They are not anything like swans or Canada geese. They are ducks. They are proud of it.

And as a country singer once said, "you'll be sorry that you messed with the ducks in your way, 'Cause they'll put a boot in your ass --It's the Ducks way." Or at least Toby Keith would have if he'd been cool enough to know that ducks were more hard core than we had previously thought.

So, when getting the ducks, remember: don't mock them. They will not take it laying down.

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