05 December 2008

The Most Boring Class Ever

I love this class, don't get me wrong. But I hate it when certain people are in charge of elicitations. Like today for example, I have no reason to be here. I have more than enough information for my paper, and this is for their paper. I really would just rather be at home sleeping. Or stressing. Which seems to be my life lately. But that'll be touched on later.

The point here is that this class is boring. In fact I'm typing this as I'm sitting in class. They are currently arguing about "empty" and "filled" complementizers. (There was just a squeaky toy. Are we five?) Now we've just restated that we DO NOT find non-finite clauses in Haitian. Please people...pay attention.

And don't get me started on the fake sentences. These people make up the most unnatural sentences possible in English, and then try to get our Language Expert to translate them into Haitian Creole. If they don't work here, I doubt they'll work there. I mean UNNATURAL in any language type sentences. GAH!

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Redoubt said...

Feign a sudden distressing illness, and leave.