11 December 2008

My Adorable Cousins...

I went to play, I mean, gather data from my cousins on Tuesday. These kids are amazing, and I love being around them. So it was natural for me to want to write a paper about their amazingness (read: amazing linguistic development). 

Here's the story of the week: 

The six year old says to me, "What does that "T" stand for?"

As I'm stumbling for how best to explain that it is a cross, and not a "T" (after a few seconds of trying to figure what she was referencing) her 8 year old sister chimes in and says "It's a cross, K...." 

To which K responded: "Oh." 

I then told them that I wore it because my dad's parents had "given" it to me. Which isn't totally untrue. They gave me my Catholic heritage (though I never practiced, or was raised to do so). It is part of me. It explains things about my family and my upbringing, and I embrace my Catholic side, it is a beautiful thing.

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