08 December 2008

My Apostrophe

I know, that's a lame title for such an upbeat post. But here it is: I'm happy with my life.

Yes, you read that right. I'm happy with my life. So don't listen to me if I complain, because it's all a ruse, a lie, a sham. I love my life. I'm happy I'm single. I'm happy I'm in school. I'm happy that I have a plan, whether it pans out or not. Life is good. Why? I think it was the snow today. (For those that have heard me say that someone must have sinned because it's snowing, I know that statement came as a shock. An ambulance will be at your house shortly. Don't panic.)

It snowed today. Pretty, white, fluffy flakes. I sat in the window of my office and just watched it come down...until one of my students showed up for their interview. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. I think it ultimately comes down to this: I am addicted to water. (If you think snow, rain, or any other precipitation is equivalent to "moisture" stop reading now! I've just lost respect for you.) My dad is a beach bum surfer from California. I learned to swim in the ocean. Water rejuvenates me. I went swimming this morning at the gym, and then got to see the snow falling. (The best bit was the swimming this morning, but the snow is just so beautiful...) I don't know if snow can really count as a water form as it makes no sound and the sound of water is half of it's appeal. But it sure centered me today.

Unfortunately, the snow caused me to realize there was a leak in the roof of the JKB on campus today. I have my "office" in that building and I was sitting there in the silence when I started to hear this undefined noise. Sounded like it could be a ticking sound, or a dripping sound. I checked all the computers (of which there are 8) and they were all normal. So I started to follow the sound to its source. There was water running down the wall, so I called Physical Facilities and reported it and then called the professor who's room it is. (It's the Translation Group Room, in case anyone was wondering.) The gentleman that came was glad that it was the corner of my office, which just so happens to correspond with the corner of the building, so that would make it easier for him to find once he was on the roof.

So now I sit here listening to Norah Jones, and I realize: I'm happy. I'm really happy with how my life is right now. I don't think I could handle dating anyone at present. In fact, I don't think I want to date anyone anytime soon. I want to be single. I want to experience more things. I want to prep for medical school (even if I never get there)! I want to be me, and I want to be doing what I'm doing. Which is what the Lord has asked me to do. He directed me to graduate school, and though it's hard and I want to give up, it's where He's asked me to be. All is as it should be.

(For those wondering still what the "plan" is, it's simply medical school. I have a plan to go to medical school, and even if it's just His way of helping me get through this semester, I'm okay with that. I'm glad I have something to plan for and to be excited about. It's been awhile.)

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