19 February 2009

All That For NOTHING?

Yesterday, I sat down and filled out an application that took me about 4 hours to do. I had to rewrite my resume because I couldn't find my old one to just update. I had to write a cover letter, something I hate to do. And I had to edit something. Well, I did all that. Then I get an email this morning saying that as a grad student I could just go to the orientation meeting.

Are you freakin' kidding me?!

Not that it wasn't a great learning experience or anything (yeah, right), but was it really worth all that effort?? I don't think so. Because, now, I get to sit down and go through a new application process that involves more editing. Which only has to be consistent in format. I don't have to actually know the Chicago manual of style, MLA, APA, or anything like that. WHEW. That's comforting. At least it can wait till this weekend.

IRB approval: here I come!

Oh: and my mouse battery is dying. YAY me...I forgot to charge it last night.

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