17 February 2009

Imagine: My World

Imagine that I posted this yesterday, on time, instead of sleeping all day to try to get rid of a cold.

Got that mental picture? Good. We continue:

I had a hard time coming up with a good way of talking about imagination. The only thing that kept coming to mind was John Lennon's Imagine. I love this song, but that yielded no good topics for me either...(I mentioned I had a cold, right?)

So here it is:

Imagine a world where Tuesday is Monday.
Imagine a world where one graded 40+ syntax homework assignments late into the real Monday's night)
Imagine a world where one is having to deal with IRB approval.
Imagine a world where one had to get up early on this fake Monday to finish homework.
Imagine a world where one still HAS more grading to do.
Imagine a world where one spends 10+ hours on campus daily.
Imagine a world where one has to find time in that 10+ hours on campus to go feed and water 3 cats.
Imagine a world where one has to tutor one student for a basics class, and one has to have a review session for Syntax.

Got that picture going?

Now you are in my world.

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Redoubt said...

You forgot to change the theme in the footer. :)

Confuzzled said...

Sorry you've been sick. And I'll remember to imagine all of your grading when I start griping about my world. (It has lots of reading, my world . . . but no grading.)