23 March 2009

There Must Have Been Something Good

Well, there was a lot that was good. I had a very good childhood. Must have gone to Disneyland more than most people go to their grandparents. (Hyperbole, intended.)

My dad raised my family on classic music. Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly, Hendrix, Zepplin, Beatles...you get the idea. This more than anything else defines my childhood. Music. Music was everywhere. It was life itself. Any song I hear has a memory, a very strong, distinct memory. Nothing else takes me back to my childhood more than music. For example, every time I hear "No Where Man", I am taken back to a family vacation. We're in our Ford Minivan and I'm laying on the floor trying to go back to sleep. My parents had woken us up early to start driving to (I think) California. Since my dad was driving, he got to choose the music. He put on the Beatles. I don't remmeber how old I was, but this song still reminds me of that trip. I can still see in my head the way my mind pictured that song as I fell asleep listening to the whirring of the van's wheels and axles.

Music and my childhood can not be separated. I live for the songs that take me back to my childhood.

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Sara said...

hooray for a sound of music quote!

I agree - hearing certain songs brings back memories quicker than just about anything.

Jon W. said...

I'll always remember travelling to the Oregon coast and my whole family singing Neil Diamond's "America" at the top of our lungs.

There are a few songs that will always bring back memories for me. When Dad would play "Always A Woman" on the piano, Gma singing "Keep Me As The Apple of Thine Eye" and "Blessed Assurance", when Mom sang "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" for her Mom & Dad.