09 March 2009

I Don't Think *that* was the Intent

You've all seen them in the stores. The reusable grocery bags that can be yours for just $1.00, plus tax. They're great. I have several. I think the best selling point is that I can buy $50 dollars worth of groceries and use only 2 of those bags, instead of 5 or 6 plastic bags. Plus, the bottoms won't rip on them, spilling my groceries on the cold, cold ground. It's a beautiful thing.

But lately, I've been noticing that they are a fashion accessory. I started using mine to carry my lunch (extra books) to campus every day. And as I've done so, I've unwittingly stumbled into being the next fashion trend. Everyone uses them to carry extras to campus. I don't think the original idea was for them to be so. (Though, could you imagine that board meeting?
Suit #1: How can we encourage the world to be more green?
Suit #2: I know, let's do canvas, reusable bags for their groceries.
Suit #1: But that will cost a fortune!
Suit #2: We'll CHARGE for them!
Suit #1: It's genius!!
Suit #3: Yeah, and they'll become a fashion statement for all college girls!
Other Suits nod in agreement.
Suit #1: Suit #2, you deserve a raise, you've successfully usurped the counter-culture once again!
It was corporate America's crowning moment...wink...)

I'm sure the hippies that have been using their own reusable bags for groceries are just *dying* that they're now a fashion trend for the hipster.

Will this stop me from using my bags to carry lunches to campus? Nope. The convenience is too great, though I have a plethora of bags to choose from that are not reusable grocery bags. I may just start using one of those.

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