12 March 2010

How to Get Out of a Library Fine

Today, I have a story for you. I thought about making the two stories into one blog, but decided giving them each their own blog was more important. They both warrant it. Here we go!

As many of you know, I'm a graduate student. It's getting down to crunch time and I have to work on my thesis. Someone, unaware of this, had the nerve to recall one of MY BOOKS. I was not okay with this. I was sick, so I didn't have energy to work on reading the book. I tried, honest. But I was just too sick.

It came due. I had a choice: return it and wait 3 weeks for it to be returned to me, or keep it and pay $10. I chose the latter. It made more sense.

I worked with the book over the weekend. I finished gleaning information from it on Monday. I went to return the book. Roommate tagged along. I walk up to the Circulation Desk and toss my book on the counter.

Me: I need to return this book and pay my $10 fine.

Young Boy Librarian: Okay, I can take care of that. Can I see your card?

Me: (hands card over...smiles) I needed the book, or I would have returned it on time. I'm just trying to write my thesis.

YBL: That's fine. (clicks away on the computer...I put my leg up on the chair, I'm tired. (He was sitting down at the wheelchair accessible desk.)

Me: So, is it going to let me pay tonight?

YBL: (looking anywhere but at me) Well, you haven't had a fine in awhile....and I'm feeling generous tonight. (still unable to look at me)

Me: REALLY?! (smile big, put leg down to leave, and put card away) Thanks!!

YBL: Yeah, no problem.

I didn't realize what I'd done while I was doing it. I really was just tired when I put my leg up. It's not MY FAULT my legs are 4 feet long!! (not hyperbolic...they pretty much are) The poor kid, he didn't even know what had hit him. He later checked a few books out for me and told me how to "put a trace" on a book that I couldn't find.

My legs should really not be allowed out in public.....

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