15 March 2010

Baby Ducks...or Why You Shouldn't Get Married

I know what you're thinking....babies are not why we shouldn't get married. Nope, especially when you have potential for cute babies. Like these beautiful ducklings to the right. Aren't the so sweet? I just want to cuddle them.

I don't know why they called the book the "Ugly Duckling." Ducklings are NOT ugly. And for that matter (I know that it was a baby swan, cygnet, and not a duckling in the story), but they're not that ugly either! Small, fluffy ball of feathers? Yes, please. They're adorable. I can't stand it, and I bet you can't either.

It's almost Spring. (Saturday to be exact) Babies are going to be everywhere, if not already. And what's not to like about them? They follow their parents around and they don't tend to attack you. But watch out for their mothers...they will go full-Mommy-terrorist-mode if they think you are getting too close to their beloved offspring.

For those that have been around a while, you know that there was a case of mistaken identity between a Canada Goose, and a duck. Now, take into account this picture of a baby goose. If you look up at the baby ducks...you might notice that they are both yellowy in hue. However, this goose is clearly darker than the ducklings. So I still don't see how there can be confusion.

Roommate works as a writer for an online bird watcher's site. She's working on identifying distinguishing markings between different fowl. Some are so hard to tell apart that she'll exclaim "THEY'RE THE SAME DAMN BIRD!!" (They're not...but they could be!) Ducks and geese are NOT of this variety. They are clearly different. Stop being confused.

And now, for why you shouldn't get married. A "wise" *cough* girl just said to me: "Don't get married. You turn into an idiot."

I could not agree more. *wink*


bradcarmack said...

Ducks are cute.

Xan said...

Indeed they are.

Andee said...

You'll also notice that the goose has a much longer, "S"-shaped neck, light rufous cheek marks and the feet and bill are black. I could go on about the plumage, etc, but I won't. ;)

Xan said...

Hey you spelled plumage right! :D

Cynthia said...

Marriage does not make you go dumb...babies make you dumb - it is hard to focus and they cun in circles and don't listen, and, and, and...ah, hell at least they are cute right?