03 March 2010

Things I Love About Work

  1. My phone - that doesn't work.
  2. My computer - that sounds like it's going to explode.
  3. Other Writer - that declares himself a feminist...regularly...and he is.
  4. Coworker - that says "I'll cut you" to me...all the time. (Incidentally, she said "I'll cut her too" once)
  5. Job Description - that basically says "Be a grad student. We'll pay you." (I'm a writer, I research topics...and then write about them. Sort of like a grad student. Only, I get paid.)
  6. Water Filter - that has had many songs sang about it. By other coworkers (not previously mentioned)
  7. My iPod - that I get to listen to it. Green Day helps me work.
  8. My Research - that is always on really interesting topics. (Tattooing? FUN!)
  9. My Office - that has a window that looks into the hallway. I see all of you as you go to the restroom...I know what you're up to.
  10. QA Guy - that just makes me laugh because he's so funny without intending to be.

1 comment:

Newt said...

Heh heh heh. NICE.