03 March 2010

Suggestions from Friends

Coworker suggested that every time I think about Billie Joe Armstrong, I should link to this blog I wrote. I said "that would get ridiculous."

And it would.

Another suggestion from a friend was to find a new therapeutic option for me. One that didn't include infomercials or killing people. Thankfully, Roommate jumped in and said "I'm sorry. That's all there is." And Roommate was right. That is all there is.

Not that I've ever killed anyone, but I have "wanted" to. It would make my life easier if we started going Darwin on these people and thinning the herds of stupid. I'm just saying. I think evolution is too slow sometimes. Survival of the fittest would work faster if the "fittest" took matters into their own hands. Ranchers do it all the time. Thin the herd, that is.

And for those that will say "but how do you decide who is stupid and who isn't?" That's the beauty of a dictatorship. I decide. If you want to know, ask me. I'll tell you.

Glenn Beck? Needs to be thinned out.
Rush? Same there.
Ryan Seacrest? Only if the Pope is Catholic.
Pat Robinson? His time is up.

And there you have it. The short list.

I'm not literally advocating killing anyone. If you think I am, seek help. I'm not. No one deserves to die at the hands of someone else. Everyone is entitled to their opinions even if I find them to be stupid. Okay? I'm not justification for your inability to tease out sarcasm from reality.

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