24 June 2011

Ah...the Good Ol'Days

Looking back at photos of old-school bedrooms, you'll not one thing, and one thing in particular: lack of furniture and stuff.
Notice: Bed. Dresser. Desk. That's it! I guarantee that there is nothing else in the room, except maybe and armoire. Simple. Nothing much.

Why happened to the days when rooms weren't full of stuff. And superfluous things. Old homes even tended to lack extra things in other rooms of the house. The sitting room/parlor/living room/etc had chairs to sit in, a rug, and a couple small tables. Maybe a piano.

When did we become a nation of collectors of unimportant things? Why are our lives so crowded by things that we don't have room to live?

My bedroom is home to a bed, a bedside table, a dresser, a desk (that doesn't even function as a desk right now, it holds my TV), a filing cabinet that is home to my printer, a set of shelves, and a shoe shelf.

I lack floor space to do anything in my room. Granted, I'm renting a single room in a house, but still. I can't wait for the day that I can have my bedroom be my bedroom. My living room, a living room. My home, a home.

*sigh* One day!


Cynthia said...

And it all smacks you in the face when you start packing all that stuff and wonder where it all came from...Now if only I could make myself part with more of it (though I am editing).

Newt said...

I dunno, also you look at contemporary interior design images and they are clutter-free as well. I think a lot has to do with the difference between ideal and reality rather than history vs current.

However, I agree that a stuff-free home is a great ideal, having come from kind of the opposite. :)