21 June 2011

Re: Cloud Walking

Well, I'm not sure what needs to be said here. Because part of the news is good, and part is "get off your butt and keep fighting."

I'll explain.

I sent a proposal on ideas I have for the YW's manual to one of the brethren that oversees the YW program (with the General Presidency). He hasn't responded. I sent a follow-up email and still have heard nothing. I need to get off my butt and keep fighting for this, but I just haven't found motivation to call. Mostly because I'm a coward.

The good news is rather simple. I met with Sister Allred, and she is the feistiest petite woman I know. There was a disconnect in our conversations at first, but by the end I felt like I'd met a kindred spirit.

To summarize (and I'll try to post more details later):
  • She and the others are aware and concerned about the aging demographic of single women.
  • She promised me our mothers cry for us at night. (I did try to argue against this one. It just seems silly that my mom would cry over something as trivial as this when she has shed tears over things mothers should never cry about. But Sister Allred was insistent.)
  • The above statement means this: they (as a presidency) are likewise concerned.
  • She was emphatic that if we as sisters don't feel like we belong in our wards/stakes then it is the male leadership that has failed. The Bishop is the shepherd of the ward, if we are not feeling like we belong, then the responsibility falls to him to help us. If we ask for callings, calling changes, better home or visiting teachers, he needs to comply. Because these things can help ease our loneliness and help us feel needed and useful.
  • She doesn't understand why men don't marry us because WE. ARE. AWESOME.
Overall, good meeting. I left feeling like I had been heard, and maybe...just maybe, the next time Sister Allred speaks she'll talk to us. About us. Beacuse, she really does love us. That I know.


Rick Smith said...

Funny you should mention Sister Allred. Her son Albert lives in our ward. They have the coolest family (plus it is fun when Sis. Allred visits)

Karen Ella said...

Nice summation. :) Keep going. Keep doin what you know you're supposed to do. (I know, yes, I'm listening to myself too.)