20 June 2011

I Only Have Myself to Blame

I work all day as an editor.

I also am helping write articles for my job.

I go home at night, and I don't get a break from all of this.

I have a book I'm trying to help get published (by being an assistant editor.)

I have a book chapter that needs revisions so that it can be published.

I have a presentation that needs revisions. (For those that don't know, this means I have a paper that needs revisions and about a week before the presentation, I'll have to create said presentation.)

I guess it's a good thing I love doing this? Because honestly? I should be feeling burned out by now.


Karen Ella said...

Proud. So proud.

Xan said...

That I over stress myself with editing?! Haha. :)

Joe said...

Liek its hard to type in english. I mean like seriously you're job cant be all that difficult. Just runs the spellcheck duh.