17 November 2011

Book Club: Lolita

It always amazes me, how much we can talk about at book club. We never are quite able to stay focused on the book, and someone is always bringing us back to it. "To come full circle...."

We're currently reading Lolita, though. This book doesn't allow you to not talk about it. THERE IS SO MUCH TO SAY.

The writing is fabulous. Nabokov wrote it in English. Wait, that's a Russian name. But yes, this man is trilingual. So when he writes a book for the English market, he writes it in English. He doesn't write in his native tongue, and wait for someone to translate. Also? Hello, I need a dictionary. It's great. I can understand what he's saying without looking up some of the words, but holy crud! His vocabulary is EXTENSIVE.

You're meant to hate the narrator. And you will.

However, like anyone else who has read this book, it's a definite must read. You can't really explain it's brilliance until you've experienced it.

I'm sure not everyone loves this book, but there is something about it, that is truly unique and amazing.

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