13 November 2011

No Snappy Title Today, Sorry

Yesterday, I missed blogging. Why? Well, two reasons...
  1. I had blood work done
  2. I started Prednisone.
Blood work and I are not friends, I pass out if care is not taken. Then I'm "out of it" for several hours afterwards. I managed to take a nap, which was happy since I started the Prednisone after my blood work.

Why is a nap a happy thing? Well, Prednisone is known to cause sleep issues. I slept 5 unrestful hours last night. Tried to take a nap today, and managed about 30 minutes in the 2 hours I was laying down.

Also? My legs ache. I hate it. I can't get comfortable, even if I want to. I've tried everything.

Moral of the story? If your doctor tells you that he's treating you with Prednisone...tell him "no, thank you" even if you know it's the only thing that will work.


Karen Ella said...

treating you for what?

Xan said...

Allergies. I have to get my swelling down so I can fix myself...haha. Nice, no?