03 November 2011

More Conversations with a Four Year Old

Who is apparently turning 16 this year, who knew?!

It's been a week or so since I had this conversation with my nephew. My sister was doing something in the kitchen, Maxwell talked to me...then Wesley came over and there was a kerfuffle over the phone that ended with Maxwell crying. However, I had talked to him for a good 5 minutes before Wesley came on the scene. It's hard being 3 when no one is being nice to you!

M: Maxwell, I already talked to you, it's Wesley's turn. Wesley, do you have the phone or did Max take it?

W: Mommy has a phone. Daddy has a phone. I don't have a phone. I need a phone.

M: You need a phone? But you're just a little guy!

W: YEAH! I'm too little. I need to grow up!

M: I think you have a few years to go before you will need a phone.

W: Yeah, I need to be bigger so I can have a phone.

Ah, kids. They certainly make me smile. A lot.

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Cynthia said...

You should try having these conversations with him daily...sometimes you being involved with the conversation is not necessary, he can carry the conversation all by himself.